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This page contains the pictures and descriptions of our current inventory of clocks for sale

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Consignment: Staartschippertje with side pendulum

Dutch Staartklok Circa 1880 #J001

 Dutch Staartklok Circa 1880

This staartklok dates from the last quarter of the 19th century.  It has a lovely mahogany case. The figures (Beelden in Dutch) are accurate reproductions and go well with the mahogany case.  It has pressed dial spandrels of the four season below a typical Dutch pastoral scene; the painting is original.  The clock is in good running order with time, strike and alarm.  This clock is 50” tall and is ready to run daily for a long time!



New item on consignment; will be direct shipped from the current owner (U.S.A.)

This accurate replica of an early staartschippertje is for sale by one of our customers. This clock features a very rare side pendulum and horizontal crown wheel, the arrangement devised for use on dutch barges. Also featuring a hand painted dial and functioning alarm. The hours and half hours chime on a high tone bell. The case is finished in a rich dark brown with patina and "turkish knot";measures approximately 21" X 7 3/4" X 8" the hood is adorned with authentic replica "Knoppen' finished in antique gold, available at The movement has recently been completely overhauled and polished.  

$3450 U.S. + shipping


Friese Schipperje

Antique movement with a newer case & dial; completly authentic in every way.  The movement in this clock dates to around 1800-1810.  It has been serviced and is in good running order. This clock's case and dial was made in the same town in Friesland, using some of the same tools and methods that would have been used on the original case.  This is quite a rare clock.  







Dutch Staartklok c. 1880

This is a good example of a 19th Century Staartklok.  The case is in excellent condition with the original orange varnish.  There are applied spandrels.  The movement has been professionally serviced.  The figures are modern replacements, but are completely accurate.