Dutch Clock Parts

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Dutch Clock Parts

Authentic Replications of the original parts. Parts may require minor modification to fit your clock. Please click on photos for more. Please contact info@antiquedutchclocks.com if there are parts that you need!


Handpainted Authentic Replica Figures available in unfinished, antique gold or brilliant gold


Parts available: Figures, Case Parts, Weights, Chain, Mechanical Parts and much more!



Payments by PayPal

26 cm Staande Klok Figures (Beelden) $225 Individually $100 Also available in Antique Gold

16cm Staartklok Figures (Beelden) $115 Individually $50 Also available in Antique Gold

9 cm Schippertje Figures (Beelden) $60 Individually $30 Also available in Antique Gold

13 cm Notaris Klok Figures (Beelden) $95 Individually $40 Also available in Antique Gold

Large Chimneys $30

Small Chimneys $20

Hand Carved Staande Klok Figures

Lenticles for Staartkloks Available in two designs $55

Full Pendulum Stoelklok & Staartklok Assembly-$100

Stoelklok Doors Available New Style or Antique Style $20



Staartklok Wood Pillars $10 Brass Cap & Base $40 Cold Cast Brass $15

Hands for all Friesian Clocks Available Brass(Prices Vary) or Cold Cast Brass($7.50)

Staartklok Tail Lock Painted $5 Brass $10

Main Chain

Available Tarnished and Polished available in (approximately) 3500 grams, 2300 grams, 2000 grams,1600 grams

Alarm Chain

Stoelklok Frets Complete Set Painted $150 Gilded $185 Gold Leaf Gilding using the authentic method Click on photo for individual prices Other sizes and styles available

Chain Ring $10 Available in larger sizes starting at $15.50

Lead Spacers available in 3 mm and 3.5 mm $5

16cm Knoppen $100 Individually $45

Painted Lenticle $25

Painted Cap & Base $20/ Set

Alarm Kit

9 cm Knoppen $75 Individually $35

26.5cm Figure of Mercury- $110

Ornate Staartklok Hood Ornaments Vases (Vazen in Dutch)